Aji Setiawan, Dwi Kuncoro


This study was conducted to assist and provide an overview of the symptoms, disorders, and treatment of
autism, so that parents are able to give love and attention to the children appropriately. So the formulation of
the problem in this research is how to build an expert system to detect autism with visual basic 6.0. Metode
use in this study is Forward ChainingMethod by taking some of the data from the survey results and research
in SLB NEGERI Surakarta and others to research additional material data so make a unity expert system.
This study is expected to be accepted with either to resolve problemas that appear to parents. With the expert
system could facilitate the detection of children with autism and autistic ease of doing dealing with autism
since early.

Keywords : Autis, SistemPakar, Forward Chaning

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