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The positive thing technological advances in education, especially university or college is the ease of getting science or research journals, of course everything that is nothing negative as a result of technological advances that computer viruses and the need to support education applications. The business got a gap, Innova Computer to open a business in the field of handling damage the computer, the main focus is to help repair damage to the computer or individual students in a neighborhood store innova computer skills so they can reuse the damaged computers that have improved the work. The satisfaction of the people who use computer servicing in Computer Innova is the expectation of the owner of the company to provide the best service to its customers. For this reason, this study takes the title Paretto Analysis Application Analysis to measure service satisfaction in Innova Computer Surakarta. The purpose of this study was to monitoring and evaluation of services in the enterprise for improved management of the future, given the amount of competition in similar fields then be evaluated periodically. This type of research is descriptive empirical, where the object of this study describes the internal and external company in accordance with the reality on the ground, source of research data in this study are primary data and secondary data. Data collection method used is the method of the field, interviews, observation and literature. The analytical method used to evaluate service satisfaction using Pareto analysis in comparison with the MSI method, normality test and ANOVA. The results of the statistical calculation to get the final result of hypothesis.

 Keywords : Store management, service satisfaction, Pareto analysis

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