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Jetis is a village that need information systems population administration that can perform data processing related to the process of providing information about the Jetis village, demographic information, registration of population data, family data, date of birth, mortality data, the data transfer, printing a cover letter citizens, reports Budgets and other demographic reports. Data processing which is currently running at this time still recorded onto books demographic data. In the services and information to the public is still done manually, all data are recorded into a book. For the manufacture of identity cards, family cards, birth certificates, death certificates and mutation residents should look for the data in advance in the books of the parent population., While to know the information society should take the time to come to the office. Constraints faced by the process is time-consuming activity and the risk of errors in recording data. This can be overcome by establishing a new, more effective system. Rural Information System Population Administration Jetis Village Based Websites built using descriptive case study Jetis Village. Engineering analysis of weaknesses in the system using PIECES analysis (Performance, Information, Economy, cotrol, Efficiency and Service). For system development techniques using the waterfall method, whereas to describe the flow of data using DFD (Data Flow Diagram). Software used to build this system is PHP (Hyertext Preprocessor) and XAMPP as a connection to the MySQL database. Based on the testing that was done using a blackbox testing, a system built to help the problems facing the Jetis Village.

Keywords: Desa Jetis, Information System Population Administration, Village Fund, Web

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