Vinda Wijayanti, Agung Nugroho


In the field of animal husbandry for selecting eggs by quality is still using manual methods. If the egg looks bright, fresh or means conditions are still good. Conversely, if the eggs are diterawang was dark, it can be ascertained rotten eggs or less good. The egg penerawangan takes a long time, because it detects the eggs in one by one, and sometimes missed because of the limitations of the sense of sight when tired. The result would be fatal. This is what makes why it is not easy to get the eggs with good quality. To overcome this problem, the authors intend to make an egg-based detection device microcontroller PIC16F84 that simplify and accelerate time sorting eggs. Use LDR sensor to read the conditions of eggs. If the eggs are good then the green LED turns on and vice versa if the egg is bad then the red LED will light up.

Keywords : PIC16F84 Microcontroller, LDR and LED.

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