Rancang Bangun Aplikasi I-Traffic Pada Dinas Perhubungan Surakarta Berbasis Android

Deni Saputri(1*) Mail, Widyo Ari Utomo(2)


(1) Sistem Informasi STMIK AUB Surakarta
(2) Sistem Komputer STMIK AUB Surakarta
(*) Corresponding Author

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Society in the region of Surakarta see traffic conditions by accessing the CCTV at official website of Department of Transportation. To access this website requires a fast and stable connection. As well as fulfilling the needs of traffic information society yet would be sure of. With the Application Architecture I-Traffic on the Department of Transportation Surakarta based Android can be a solution in fulfilling information needs traffic conditions in the region of Surakarta.
This architecture is designed using the method Waterfall with a data structure (Data Flow Diagram), the software used is Apache Cordova using a programming language, PHP, HTML and Javascript and MySQL as the database. Application Architecture I-Traffic on the Department of Transportation Surakarta can provide information and traffic conditions using technology Geolocation so that capable of displaying dots coordinates occurrence constraints on a highway. As well as the public can play an active role in providing the report traffic conditions according the approval of the Department of transportation officer.

Keywords: traffic information, the Department of transportation of Surakarta, Apache Cordova

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.36309/goi.v23i1.73

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