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 Now adays the need for saving fuel consumption has been a central issue in the field of energy , as well as in the field of automotive demand for exterior and interior design of the aerodynamics , compact dimensions and fuel consumption saving in addition to the purchase price and convenience in terms of the provision of spare parts and service to one 's own consideration for consumers in the purchase of automotive products . Moreover, the government is now going to implement the restrictions on the use of fuel as a result of price increases . So that the condition of the vehicle must remain vibrant and efficient in fuel consumption , especially the components associated with the fuel . In terms of the dimensions of a compact and efficient fuel consumption in an engine , these two can not be separated from the engine cooling performance because if the engine cooling performance is good then there will be savings in terms of power and fuel consumption required for cooling process . In the engine cooling process , the role of the dimensions of the cooling pump , cooling fan dimension , the rate of cooling and the shape of the radiator into the determinants of performance of cooling machines , for stationary diesel engines used primarily public , engine cooling is not so considered by the owner , relation to fuel consumption .  From some of the above , in general, people are much wear ; anyone wear hopper / barrel , which would be the radiator , which would be the drum / tub of water with forced circulation and natural circulation . Judging from the results of the data showed that when the diesel engine is loaded : If using the cooling system of the type hopper / barrel average engine temperature 950 C and the fuel consumption is 490 cc.  If the cooling system uses radiator -type engine temperature average of 66 0C and the fuel consumption is 510 cc. Here it can be concluded that if the temperature is low the engine more fuel consumption / wasteful . With a low coolant temperature will affect the temperature of the combustion chamber which will result in maximum no burning or combustion process is not perfect , so the more wasteful of fuel

Keywords : Cooling , fuel , diesel engines

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