Yossyas Wahyu Prashadana, Ernes Cahyo Nugroho


Finance in the household becomes important role to build a prosperous household. The economic problems in the household is not only about the amount of money you have, but how to use and manage money efficiently and best obtained from household income to happiness. Many households are experiencing due to the financial crisis can not properly manage the expenditure, for example spending money without knowing the limits required, and spend money without setting a target savings. One way to overcome these problems is to create a financial system that records application based on Android that can help manage the household finances.The methodology used to develop this system is the Waterfall method and using UML modeling. Software used to build this application using Android Studio, MySQL as the database, and Corel Draw X6 is used to create the design of the application. The results of this research have produced an application called "Kalkutang" which runs on the Android platform. This application is able to record revenue and expenditures in the household.

Keywords: Android, Mobile Application, Finance, Household.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.36309/goi.v22i1.53


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