Yohanes Krisdian, Ernes Ernes Cahyo Nugroho


Final report with the title Application Android Based of Bird Contest has been carried out by analyzing the problems that exist between data collection and processing of data on competition birds. The purpose of making this application system produces software to ease the course of the competition birds chirping, which include competition data collection, scheduling the competition, competition registration and competition assessment. PIECES methods used to analyze the weaknesses of the current system, also analyzing the needs ofthe system being developed. Designing a system that was developed was created using UML diagrams, input design, output design and database design. The system is built using android studio, web and database using MySQL.

Keywords: Applications, Android, Bird Competition

Full Text:

Hal 37-41

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.36309/goi.v21i2.49


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