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The development of computer technology which is connected to other devices with the aim to facilitate the work of man experiencing a development. Robot is one of the equipment or technology that is being developed at this time, and is used to assist the work of man. Of the many possible applications of robotic line follower of the most popular. But the line follower robot is still not appropriate to complete the three intersections because the robot line follower can only can be read straight or curved lines. From this, then the author had the idea to create a maze-solving robot to accomplish three goals or pathways. The workings of the robot is a robot cross the line that has been prepared by the robot can choose the path junction turn left, go forward and turn right. This robot combines hardware and software, using Arduino Uno microcontroller as a robot controller, LED and photodiode as a sensor line, and the motor driver as a control wheel motion. With venom through three intersections robot is expected to be more intelligent than the former.

Keywords:  Robot,   line   follower,   maze   solving,   sensors,   arduino   uno microcontroller

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