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Health is important for every society due to perform daily activities necessary condition of a healthy body in order to do something anything can running optimally. One way to get a healthy body condition is to keep eat and drink. Alkaline water is the treated water thus achieving a measure of acidity in the pH of 8 to 9 or more than 9. For information, the pH of the water safe to drink should range between 8.5 to 11.5. high pH in drinking water can make the blood pH becomes too alkali or alkaline, which is believed to make the body more healthy. Installation tools Tools To Make Water As An Alternative For Health Based Mikrokontroller ATmega16 then started from the pH sensor output is connected to the ATmega1,  6 Microcontroller input, then the output is connected LCD, Alarm and AC voltage output. The main working principle pH meter is located on the sensor probe in the form of glass electrode (glass electrode) by measuring the amount of H3O + ions in solution. The tip of the glass electrode is 0.1 mm thick layer of glass which are round (bulb). Bulb glass cylinder is paired with a non-conductor or elongated plastic, which is subsequently filled with a solution of HCl (0.1 mol / dm3). In a solution of HCl, submerged a length of wire electrode made from silver on its surface formed an equilibrium compounds AgCl. The constant amount of HCl solution in this system makes the electrode Ag / AgCl potential value stable.          For level detection sensor is in use the sensitivity level is still low, expected in its development could be noticed again in the use of sensors as the main component in the manufacture of this instrument.

 Keywords: Health, ATMEGA16, pH Sensor, Alkaline Water

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