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Almost every year we can be sure of electricity will increase. TDL (Tarif Dasar Listrik) on 1 January 2013 a separate blow to the consumer of electricity in general, especially to UKM that have a very small profits. SMEs such as point HIK very uneasy with this TDL,  due to profit from selling very severe if the lighting electricity use from PLN. Lighting the lamp current at stall just use a torch or oil lamp, this is very impact on visitor stalls. Lack of lighting does not rule out getting less visitors, this adds to the weight of the load carried by the owner of Warung HIK. With the Application of Science and Technology Particularly with Wind Power technology with vertical axis is to be developed by researchers, the mill consists of a transducer, generator, sidu-sidu vertical, inverters, batteries and tower. This windmill is expected to overcome the problems of information stalls and electrical problems faced by UKM, such that the cost of electricity could be on tap to 0%. and the electricity cost savings to be an advantage for UKM. By using this windmill technology UKM HIK point is not affected by the power outage.

Keywords: windmill, Warung HIK, electricity, UKM, profits

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